Poster and Wallpaper Designs
For this project I decided to make posters and phone wallpapers based off of my faith. I used both traditional and digital mediums to create these pieces. I wanted to create something I would use myself as well as fellow Christians. "You're the Name Above all Names" was inspired by the song Worthy from Elevation Worship. "Elohim Chayim" means the living God in Hebrew. Elohim is something I hear a lot to call God and I thought it would fit well in this series. "Tetelestai" is it is finished in Hebrew. Since Easter is coming up I wanted at least one of them to represent what Jesus did for us. And finally "___ Without Bounds" is something my bible study says often. Love without bounds. Create without bounds. Love God without bounds. We often try to put everything in a box and then we don't reach our full potential. This poster and saying is to help people remember not to confine themselves to a box.
worthy mockups
elohim chayim mockups
tetelestai mockups
without bounds mockups
elohim chayim poster
elohim chayim wallpaper
tetelestai poster
tetelestai wallpaper
without bounds poster
without bounds wallpaper
worthy poster
worthy wallpaper
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